As of 8.07pm Tuesday January 6, I remain baffled…

I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice chap. But how the hell does Tom Gleeson keep appearing on my television and radio? He seems utterly bereft of personality, let alone presence.

5 Responses to As of 8.07pm Tuesday January 6, I remain baffled…

  1. AJ says:

    Spotted him eating dinner with a “mystery brunette” in Daylesford on Saturday. Can confirm, he was devoid of personality. Also asked to move to an inside table.

    PS: In response to your tag line- “Yeah, I’m wid it.”

  2. Guy Davis says:

    @AJ: What an invaluable ‘reliable source’ you are! And due to a change in my tagline, I cannot in good conscience follow up with any PE-style comments about Huey Newton or H. Rap Brown. Shame.

    @Schoolyards: Are the execs wearing the Fat Cat suit? That I could condone. But hookers dressed as Fat Cat, Humphrey B. Bear or Marty the Monster is simply beyond the pale. Exception to this rule: getting a wristie from a lady of the night with Agro on her hand. Second exception: angry sex with Shirty.

  3. Kitty Fantastico says:

    I see your Tom Gleeson and raise you a Samuel Johnson. Im some what puzzled as to what the “voice over” equivalant of “would go to the openning of a wound/fridge door”, but it thusly applys to Mr Johnson. Tis it not enough that when I am waiting with baited breath and tingling lions for a glimpse of Callan Mulvey, naked, semi naked, or just looking sullen and broody I must sit though Mr Samuel Johnson his big heed on my television. And to add insult to injury, as if to mock me, all the commercial breaks during “Rush” seem to have him doing the voice overs!

    Make a living, sure, just give me some space Samuel. Its not me its you.

  4. Guy Davis says:

    “Tingling lions”, huh? Tough to tame.

    Your thoughts on Mr Johnson are dead-on. About the only voiceover people I don’t want to strangle are John Stanton and Angus Sampson. The rest should be rendered mute. Expect a lengthy post on this very topic in the days to come!

  5. Kitty Fantastico says:

    OH you have no idea!Whether they be loins or lions both are equally tough to keep under control. Please excuse my errors in the written word, grammar,spelling and general non oral based communications. I just get so excited!What can i say Im very enthusiastic, and have dyslexia (not even sure if that is the write way to spell it). Oh well thats the joy of me:)

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