Missing in inaction

Been a while, huh? Well, I have my reasons…

My bid to go all multimedia on your ass has stalled out for the time being, with my three-week stint on the K-Rock breakfast show – that’s 95.5 on your FM dial, people – coming to a conclusion a week or so ago. The upside: it was originally only meant to be a two-week stint, so clearly I didn’t stink up the joint that much. The downside: I was replaced by some dreadlocked dude who was on Big Brother a couple of years back. (In all fairness, ‘Chicken’ seemed quite comfortable on the air.) Will I ever return to the airwaves of Geelong and the Surf Coast? Well, I’ll still be doing movie reviews on K-Rock’s breakfast show for the time being but I dunno if I’ll be turning into Matt Tilley any time in the near future. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING. RIGHT? Right.


Please note: Guy did not look like this during his brief on-air career.

Anyway, now that waking up at five in the morning, checking the interwebs for humourous anecdotes and mainlining Red Bull (surprisingly tasty!) to get myself into a suitably antic frame of mind are history, it’s back to business. Which means the following:

  • Catching movies good and bad (including one VERY high-profile title that I can’t tell you about until one week from today), and interviewing various people involved with said movies.
  • The usual penning of interviews, reviews and fascinating content.
  • Masturbation.
  • Wading through the various TV series I swore I’d watch before I begin my Wire marathon.

But as Nina Simone once sang, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me and I’m feeling good. Well, mostly. So in the coming days, there will be new updates on Remorse Code on a regular basis – ill-advised chatter about Girl Talk, Lily Allen, a cool-ass late-’80s war movie called The Beast and a Sunday Age article that’s either the worst ‘It Girl’ profile I’ve ever read or the most sublime piss-take of that loathsome phenom I’ve ever read. Oh, and I’ll actually update that Apartment Zero piece so it’s, like, an actual story rather than just a ‘Watch this space!’ piece o’filler.

Before signing off, some gratitude: cheers to Matt Bern, Rob McLennan and the fine folks at K-Rock for letting me indulge my Hard Harry fantasies for a few weeks (also for the BSG downloads!), and to The Age for placing Catherine Deveny’s column in the Metro section rather than the Opinion page, which is basically saying ‘For entertainment purposes only! Not to be taken seriously!’

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