The latest, not necessarily the greatest

Hello, and welcome to my latest effort to keep Remorse Code updated on a semi-regular basis. Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll be uploading various reviews and interviews, musings on current events and the occasional celebrity nude. (Okay, there’ll be no celebrity nudes as such. Maybe the odd link to Miranda Kerr’s Pirelli pix.) One other thing that will appear here will be the occasional sample from a piece that I’m working on, whether it’s a novel, a screenplay and some form of tone poem. They’ll usually be in a fairly rough state, so don’t you be rough if you choose to add your two cents in the comments section. As we all know, criticism works best when it’s constructive, you goofy-looking fuck.

To kick it off, here’s a bit of dialogue from a screenplay I’m working on (by the way, the characters are not yet named):

A: So gay. So, so gay.

B: You realise you’re horribly homophobic when you say that, right?

A: I fail to see how. In fact, I’m a little disturbed by your heterophobic way of thinking.

B: You’re equating ‘gay’ with ‘lame’, which makes you the dictionary definition of a bigot. You’re going the verbal gay-bash.

A: Okay, to begin with, ‘lame’ is a slur against our physically-challenged friends and colleagues, so start drafting an apology.

B: That argument is so…

[Off A’s raised eyebrow]

B: …open to further discussion.

A: But my main point is this: go back in time a few decades and put yourself in the place of someone who would use the word gay to describe a happy, carefree event or queer to describe something strange, only to find that their vocabulary had been appropriated by another part of the community. Hurts, doesn’t it?

B: That’s not the same thing! Not even remotely!

A: Sure it is. It’s all part of the fluid and ever-evolving nature of language. It’s actually kinda beautiful when you take a step back and look at it.

B: You’re such a fuckwit.

A: Now you’re getting it. Some words never evolve. They’re set in stone. So stick with the safe option – that’s my advice.


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