Eleven in ’11: BOSSYPANTS by Tina Fey

So here’s the plan: over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be running down a list of 11 upcoming releases, events and thingies from the world of pop culture (and maybe even just the world in general) that I’m excited about in 2011. Of course, I may find in the course of my investigation that there aren’t even 11 things worth getting psyched about over the next 12 months, in which case I apologise for getting your hopes up. But as with most journeys, I begin this one with unbridled optimism and a sense of hope. Then GREEN LANTERN will turn out to be an absolute turd and regular programming will resume. (That was a hypothetical, kids! I personally think GREEN LANTERN has the potential to be a marvellously tasty slab of cheese a la FLASH GORDON or HIGHLANDER.)

Anyway, my first fanboy sequel of delight for the year comes courtesy of Tina Fey:

The creator and star of the truly ace 30 ROCK has written a book! Of essays and such! Not much has been revealed about it at this stage, but the fine folks at Amazon.com have said it’s about “some questionable haircuts, some after-school jobs, the rise of nachos as a cultural phenomenon, a normal childhood, a happy marriage and joyful motherhood”. I for one am looking forward to reading Fey’s musings on nachos.

Also: those arms on the cover. I dunno how I feel about them. I’m torn.

In this section, I was gonna include HOW DID YOU GET THIS NUMBER, Sloane Crosley’s follow-up to her terrific debut I WAS TOLD THERE’D BE CAKE (Crosley’s got a winning way with titles), but I recently discovered it’s been available in Australia for some time. Which makes me (a) a chump, and (b) a happy chump because now I don’t have to order it from the US (probably from the fine folks at Amazon.com) and instead can start reading it ASAP.

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